James & Apitchaya’s Golf Course Wedding (Magical Nighttime Dancing Unveiled)

It’s always heartwarming to receive an invitation to join a family and capture the love and beautiful relationships within it.

I consider it a genuine honour to be welcomed as an “instant” friend or even a family member after photographing someone’s wedding. Spending an entire day alongside two individuals allows me to witness the most intimate moments of their lives. From their highest highs to their lowest lows, amidst pressure and overwhelming emotions, I become a part of their journey. It’s a unique experience that offers a rare glimpse into their world. Where else can you find such intensity in a single day?

I sometimes find myself challenged to navigate delicate situations and document raw emotions. It can feel sticky and uncomfortable, but it’s also enriching. Every moment captured is a testament to the beauty of human connection.

I’m grateful to have formed friendships with my past clients, as that’s truly how I see them after documenting their weddings. It’s an honour that I hold dear.