Kangaroo Sunrise Beach family photoshoot* Van Schalkwyk

This beautifull South African family met me for a kangaroo sunrise at Cape Hillsborough to capture memories. 

Who knew that two days prior to the shoot, I had a brief chat to Jeanette in Woolies not knowing she is the Jeanette that I was communicating with via email months before to arrange the family shoot. Leo pointed out to me: “Mamma ‘n Afrikanse Tannie”/ “Mom a Afrikaans Aunty”. He is starting to recognise that we speak another language and when he hears Afrikaans spoken, he quickly reminds me to say hi. 

When we met each other two days later during sunrise we were both surprised to have met before 🙂 

We were greeted with the most beautiful water painting of colours in the sky. God boasting.


I soon realised that immigration is hard for all ex-pats. I witnessed how emotional Jeanette’s Mom got during our session.  Especially when your mom kisses you and Dad hugs you, it feels like home and hurts at the same time. A familiar feeling that you wish you could bottle and use when needed. 


When family visit from South Africa, you feel spoilt to spend time with the people who make home feel like home. 

It’s bittersweet. Therefore cherish each moment you have with your family, near or far.