Sunset Beach couple engagement*Tahlia & Chris

Unscripted Love: When Reluctant Chris Turned an Engagement Shoot into Magic.

Love stories come in all shapes and sizes; sometimes, the most beautiful moments arise when you least expect them. Meet Tahlia and Chris, a couple whose engagement shoot was filled with unexpected surprises. 

From the beginning, it was clear that Chris wasn’t overly enthusiastic about being in front of the camera. He was more reserved and camera-shy, which made Tahlia tease him even more with corny kisses and little giggles. The engagement shoot turned into a celebration of the couple’s candid connection. His initial reluctance had transformed into genuine enjoyment. I think it was when his finance opened up a cold beer for him. What a gem of a girl.

Their story teaches us that in love, and in life, embracing spontaneity can lead to the most magical moments.

Here’s to Chris and Tahlia’s unscripted love story.