Holshausen Beach Vibes

October ’16 | Hawaan view | Umhlanga

This family was truly a pleasure to photograph.

Debs and I met at a photography workshop in Durban, swapped out business cards and became friends from there. She is an amazing photographer, really cool friend and an amazing Mom on top of that too!

Photographing a family that is so relaxed, with easy going, loving parents was really easy.

Debbi and Kyle have a very relaxed approach to parenting, and I love it! Nothings an issue. Boys will be boys: Bruised toes, sand in the mouth, nothing to stress about, right? This loving family is all about hugs and kisses and their affection for each other can be seen in every image. Kyle and Debs love for one another is also so raw and intense. I loved capturing some couple images in-between the family shoot.