Waterfall Engagement

June ’16  |  Karkloof falls  |  Natal

It’s very unusual to get clients as accommodating as these two…
Liana Coetzer Graham John Van Blerk

Liana & Graham drove down from Johannesburg to come and meet me, scout their wedding venue and do their engagement photos all in one weekend (Wow that’s a mouth full).

Our original plans were to take some beautiful images at Karkloof, but when we arrived we found that the road was closed off, and that they were busy cutting down the trees. This meant that we had to walk almost 3km, climb over tree stomps just to get to the waterfall. All in the rain. These two had no problem walking all these kilometers to the falls, all to get these beautiful shots.

I really did enjoy our walk, and the great shoot. Thank you for being so accommodating!!! So much excitement for their wedding in August!